Dick Lamm January 23rd, 2008

TO THE PARR'S, DYING YOUNG All deaths are not equal. The death of a 90 year old is not tragic, but expected. We all have only so many innings to play the game. Some, sick, escape gratefully into death, A surcease from their pain. Truth be told, not all deaths are equally impacting; Notwithstanding our egalitarian convictions. Some deaths rend deeper holes in the community heart and fabric than others. Yes, yes, I know we are all God's children, but- But-where all deaths shake a family, some few also shake a whole community. Oh God, not the Parr's! Not now Not when they are needed the most. Does not virtue give some deferral to deaths harvesting hand? Is not helping so many others a reason to pass them by? Can't lives lived with a purpose be grounds for some cosmic appeal? Not the Parr's, please, not the Parr's! Death, roll your dice again. Pass them over in the name of community and justice; They mean so much, to so many. Death, you do not need them, but we do. ************** Former Governor Dick Lamm