Jean Wilson (cousin) January 27th, 2008

Since this site was first up, there has been much time for more memories to come to the mind. I remember happily playing with John at Grandma and Grandpa's, in the haymow, chicken house, hide and seek around the big pines, etc.; the wonderful family dinners we had then; going to my home and riding the ponies; going to Fowler and exploring John's home realm; and many others to numerous to list. My cousin was a wonderful boy and became an even more wonderful man. He kept his "country" roots and along with Sandy, Chase, and Katie made an impact on the world that not all of us in his family were aware of. Some time has passed since that tragic day, but, the hurt, sorrow, and void are, and will be for untold lengths of time, still there - even the unbelievable part of it all. To my cousin John, Sandy, and Chase: rest in peace knowing you are loved and will always be remembered. Jeanie Wilson