clawsonsy March 3rd, 2008

Word of the accident came as we arrived home from a family Christmas dinner the Sunday before Christmas. A phone call was waiting for me, and I hurried in ahead of the others to take it. It was my cousin, Nancy Parr Pfaltzgraff, with the very bad news. I was stunned. Then I realized I had the responsibility of telling my brother Tom, his wife Candy, my brother Bill, and my mother, John's Aunt Julia, all of whom had gathered in the living room for a small gift exchange. I couldn't believe it. I thought this was the sort of thing you read about in the paper, but that never happened to people you knew and cared about. Growing up, the families spent holidays and family events together. However, I hadn't seen John David much since high school. We both were busy, even though for a couple of years we were both at the same college (Purdue University). I graduated, got married, and went to Germany for a little over a year and heard rumors of his activities at Purdue, but never got the details quite straight. After that I saw him a few times at family weddings or funerals, but we lost touch, although Nancy and Carolyn kept me updated on family happenings. I had heard from him most recently by email as we took care of business for a family farm we are all involved with. I talked to Sandy once or twice, and Chase and Katy sang sweetly at their Grandmother Parr's (my Aunt Dorothy's) funeral, in Dayton, Indiana, where I live. I always thought that one day I'd see more of John and his family. Now, sadly, that day won't come for John, Sandy, and Chase. The memorial service in Denver was amazing, informative, and comforting. I was so glad to get to see Katy, who will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that I will have the chance to continue to keep in touch with you in the future, Katy. Susan Yost Clawson, cousin, Dayton, Indiana