When I first met Chase

2007 October 15

Created by Nicole Jackson 13 years ago
I work for the dining services at Wesleyan University, and the day I met Chase I remember so vividly. I was working the register and she had just purchased something using her student id card. I took a look at her face and was in awe of how beautiful she was. Her eyes were almost hypnotizing, to me as I couldn't seem to look away from them. So me being the clown that I am I noticed her last name was Parr and said to her, "you're not up to par", as I handed the ID back to her. She smiled of course and so I said it again. I turned to my buddy Miguel who was making drinks and said "Miguel look, she's not up to par. Her last name is Parr, so i said that she's not up to par." I turned back to Chase, who by the way was still smiling. Then she said "you know people say that all the time to me. They say Chase, your not up to par". I asked, that's your name, Chase? She responded with a yes and I was like wow, thats usually a boys name but it's really pretty as a girls name. She grabbed what she purchased and got out of the line. I wanted to talk to her more, but the line was fairly long at the cafe and I did have to see to the other students. But Chase was definitely one of my favorite students. She was short and so am I so I thought she was so adorable. It's funny because one day I was working at the cafe and I had been in a really bad mood that day. My buddy Miquel couldn't even say anything to me without me biting his head off. Well Chase had been standing in line to get a drink and she must have noticed that I wasn't in the greatest mood. So she said something quite funny, and believe it or not I actually started smiling. And said Hi Chase, and she responded with Hi Nicole. (smiling) She was the only one that could make me smile. Because she touched my life in such a short time, I recently got her name tattooed on my chest. I miss you Chase.