Civic Results

Created by Cary Baird 9 months ago

I'm remembering John Parr and Sandy Widener today.  I met John in about 2004 or 2005 when he hired me to help publicize the work of Civic Results, his firm.  His commitment to solving problems through collaboration across boundaries made such an impression on me. He generously shared his time to discuss his philosophy about governance and community service to make neighborhoods, the state, the Rocky Mountains and the country better places.  Although this freelance gig was brief, I thought of John and his work every time I drove down Grant Street. I use his ideas and philosophy in my current job of administering a small grants fund. 

I didn't know Sandy personally, but as someone trained as a journalist, I followed her career in Denver and admired her writing.  John and Sandy would bring such wisdom and positive action to our country today.  More than ever, we need to revisit the lessons to be learned from their work and apply them to help solve our country's problems.  

Thanks to everyone who has written on this site.  It makes me sad, but gives me hope for the future.  Sending a hug to Katy and wishing her Merry Christmas.