John Parr college guy

1967 - 1971

Created by kathy Calvin 13 years ago
John and I were great, maybe even best, friends in college. We went to Purdue in that formative anti-war, pro-feminist, empowered time of the late 60's. We were at a place where those sentiments were pretty alien and of course found each other. John ran for student body president, and I agreed to be his campaign manager. What did we know? We were passionate, we were inexperienced, and WE LOST. John extolled the virtues of the Greek system at the dorms and the benefits of dorm living in the fraternities. He was the ultimate in speaking truth to power, and they spoke back. The guy who won has never been heard from since, and we know John has. I am still reeling from the loss of him and his family. I loved how much he loved his life in Denver. I loved that he still had that goofy laugh. I loved that we could stay friends even in years when we never had a chance to talk. I will miss him greatly for a long, long time. Kathy Bushkin Calvin